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About Us
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Brief Introduction of Corporation   
        Our company is of second level “Air Purification Engineering Project Special Contract”.  We have passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system authentication.  
        For more than a decade, we design, construction, examination and service in the air-conditioner purification projects.? We have considerable influence in the industry.  With the direction and cooperation with many domestic design institutes we have provided outstanding service and won good reputation in industries such as electronics, aerospace and aviation, precise instruments, medical service, chemical, biology, national defense, food, and cosmetics.  We have done exceptionally well in the purification projects in agricultural biological and medicine area.    
        We have gained rich experience in the design and installation of negative pressure and P3 air-conditioner purification system at Animal Research Institute in Haerbin, Veterinary Hospital at Shanghai Agriculture and Science Institute, Animal Quarantine Institute in the Agriculture Department, and the Farming and Veterinary workstation in Jilin.? Among these projects, the “Purification Project of National Animal Epidemic Disease Diagnostic fluid Preparation Center and Animal Blood Serum Storage” at the Animal Quarantine Institute in the Agriculture Department is equipped with 3000 negative pressure system and two P3 direct ventilation systems.  This system has taken our modification design and is implemented by our company.  The project passed national examination after completion.    
        Our company has become the only member of the Chinese farming animals veterinary Association Biological product Branch Permanent Council as a construction company.? We have also formally joined the “Chinese Contamination Control Society”, became a member of the “Chinese Institute Of Electronics”.  We provide excellent service, keep close contact with the association, and done many things for the purification industry and association.     
        Presently,our biggest advantage is that we have design, manufacture, implementation,examination and service all in one professional and systemic service. The company sees the project quality as the life of the corporation.We will provide excellent service,along with outstanding product and service,reasonable price, and new attitude for you.Our brand name will emerge in the domestic purification industry.